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A Guide to Wedding Favors

22 March 2016

To favor or not to favor? A lot of people are on the fence about wedding favors. It’s all very well if you can incorporate it in the budget but for those on a tighter budget, understandably they’re often the first thing to be cut. At the same time though, they can be a great way to bring in a bit of your personality to the day, and they can be a fun part of the planning.

Start by browsing bridal magazines, websites and if applicable, thinking about memorable wedding favors your recently married friends have given out. Think about your budget, schedule and your favorite favor ideas, and decide if you're going to buy premade favors or make them yourselves or if you are going to make a charitable donation on your guest’s behalf.

Here are some tips on wedding favours that add a personal touch and won’t break the bank.

Sweets treats: a selection of your favourite penny sweets is a quirky way to show your guests how grateful you are for their time.

Love grows: For couples who are eco-friendly, a personalised packet of seeds or a small plant has become a hugely popular table gift.

Homemade favours: Homemade treats such as baked goods, honey and jam are making a come-back. Why not make it a family affair and get everyone in on the action to help. These homemade favours add that extra personal touch, showcasing to your guests the time and effort spent making them.

Charity donation: Charitable donations are a popular choice with Irish charities such as The Irish Cancer Society, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland and Barnardos providing direct assistance. Guests will appreciate this nice token, especially if it is a charity close to the family’s heart.

One Fab Day also have a handy guide on their favourite Original & DIY Wedding Favour Ideas here if you would like further inspiration!

Celbridge Manor Wedding co-ordinator