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Leap Year Proposing

29 February 2016

2016 is a Leap Year - that means women can ask men to marry them according to the old Irish tradition.

Looking back through ancient Irish history, it is said that the tradition began in 5th century Ireland when St. Brigid of Kildare bitterly complained to St. Patrick that women had to wait far too long for men to propose.

The legend says that St. Patrick decreed the women could propose on this one day in February during the leap year. The tradition was then taken to Scotland by Irish monks with the law stating that any man who declined the proposal on this day would have to pay a fine.

The Irish Times gives us some real life Leap Year stories including a story from Claire Fitzpatrick. Claire proposed to her now husband in Niall in Iveagh Gardens in Dublin. She offers great insight;

Even though the sentiment behind it was serious, it was also fun to propose to my fella on leap-year day. Most people love to hear the story of our engagement, and it’s a fun one to tell. In fact, it trended in Ireland when I shared it on Twitter in 2012, which was hilarious.”

“Life is all about making choices,” says Fitzpatrick. “If you love someone and want to marry them, do it. Why sit around waiting or worrying about what other people think? Life is too short for that.”

Good luck and congratulations to those proposing this year!

Celbridge Manor Wedding co-ordinator