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5 Tips For Summer Weddings

13 July 2018

Now that summer is well and truly under way, wedding season has already begun! We know that our own brides and grooms are excitedly making the final preparations for their upcoming summer nuptials and celebrations at Celbridge Manor Hotel. 

At times like this, we understand it can be stressful to keep on top of everything and trying to think of everything you might possible need on the day!

So, if you are preparing for a summer wedding this year or perhaps for Summer 2019 or 2020, we have listed some of our top suggestions from our previous wedding couples and our weddings manager, Caroline, for helping your summer wedding run smoothly..

1.       Send Out Save The Dates!


save the date

 When it comes to families with young children, summer is a popular time for holidays abroad, thanks to the school holidays. By sending a Save The Date notice in advance to your guests, this can help your guests to plan around your special day instead of risking the chance of missing out on your big day.

2.       Consider A Lighter Menu Selection

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When it comes to your menu on the day, it is important to note that a heavy dinner with warm weather generally is not always a winning combination. It can make your guests sleepy or quite tired before the evening and the party properly gets started. Considering lighter dishes for your guests would be a good option if your hotel serves options such as chicken, salmon or seabass. At Celbridge Manor Hotel, our lemon & chive crusted cod goes down a treat in the summer months!

3.       Keeping The Bridal Party Cool


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This may be a role to give to one of the bridesmaids and groomsmen but a kit helping to keep the bridal party cool on the day works wonders. Considering options such as mini deodorants or body sprays, blotting tissues & sunscreen can make such a difference on the day, when everyone is nervous already without the addition of the warm weather. They may not be able to carry these down the aisle but having a basket in the venue’s bathrooms or perhaps in their rooms post wedding would be a welcome relief on a warm summer’s day.

If doing toiletry baskets for the venue’s bathrooms, it may be worth in purchasing some water misting sprays and hair ties to include also, your wedding guests will thank you for it!

4.       The Reception

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If you are having an arrival drink for your guests at the wedding reception, definitely speak to your wedding coordinator on what options may be available for a cooling, refreshing drink for your guests to enjoy. At Celbridge Manor Hotel, we offer a seasonal drink as part of our package which your guests can enjoy as they excitedly wait for your arrival to the venue. You could also consider having glasses of water with ice and a slice of lemon available if it is a particularly sunny day.

Also check with your venue is there air conditioning available or ways to keep the room cool for your guests to be comfortable during the meal and speeches.

 5.       Wedding Attire

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If you know that you will be getting married during the summer or perhaps even abroad, takes this into consideration when choosing the bridesmaids dresses and hair styles for the day. To fight the frizz and humidity of a warm summer’s day, choose lighter, airy fabrics and perhaps an upstyle that will help to keep your bridal party cool and picture perfect on your wedding day.

For more top tips for your wedding day or for a tour of Celbridge Manor Hotel, please contact our dedicated weddings manager, Caroline, on 01 601 3700 /