Covid-19 Safety

To all our guests and customers,

Management at Celbridge Manor are working closely with the Irish Hotel Federation as part of our response to Covid-19. We also continue to take guidance from the HSE, Dept. of Transport, Tourism and Sport and the WHO in ensuring measures are in place to mitigate potential risks to public health and our business. The health and safety of our guests, clients, customers, staff and associates is always and remains our priority and due to the outbreak of covid-19 we have taken a number of measures to ensure minimum exposure and maximum safety is applied

Some of the measures we have taken are

Where possible, all staff have been asked to work from home.

We have begun to remove tables from our bar and restaurant to encourage social distancing and would ask that all our guests follow this protocol.

Management have carried out thorough risk assessments with regard to the potential exposure to the virus.

As a result we have implemented a number of safety measures;

We are promoting regular hand-washing with posters in both staff and public wash rooms and public areas encouraging good handwashing practice with soap and water.

We have a number of alcohol based hand sanitisers at the hotel entry/exit points as well as the wash rooms. We will ensure these are checked and refilled regularly.

We promote good respiratory hygiene, again we have posters displayed.

Regular cleaning of public areas, elevators etc. using disinfectant which works against Covid-19

We are in constant dialogue with employees and suppliers regarding their own individual and/or respective team members movements specifically relating to an individuals visiting or returning from an infected area or their risk of contact with a person who has visited or returned from an infected area or exposure to the virus.

We have developed an emergency response SOP (Stand Operating Procedure) in the event of a suspected case of Covid-19 at the hotel. Management have been fully briefed, trained and have written guidance on the steps to follow in the event of same. This SOP has been developed with the assistance of the IHF and in line with advice given by the HSE.

We would also kindly request that where possible, customers pay by card only.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely, and continue to follow all Government and HSE directives whilst updating all of our Management and Staff with more information as they arise, change etc.

We thank you for your understanding and support